The Creative Journey

Art is about challenging the status quo, experimenting, and applying them in new ways. As Milton Avery said, "To paint, one must go by the way one does not know. Art is like turning corners; one never knows what's around the corner until one has made the turn." I enjoy working and experimenting with my camera by combining images with other formats or in collages.

I started my art journey wanting to be an abstract painter but changed my major to photography and film. 

I was fortunate to have studied photography under the late renowned photographer Ray K Metzker while majoring in Film at The Philadephia College of Art (1971-1975). Metzker is known for his experimental B&W large composites and assemblages of printed film strips. His style taught me that photography is a gateway to a space without boundaries. I use my camera as a paintbrush, photographing textures and abstract shapes. 

Ironically, I started my art career with cut-and-paste collages when I was fourteen. Robert Rauchenberg was the most significant influence in my life. I used his technique for lifting images with solvent and a 

press. Today collage and painting are my mediums of choice. 

As an artist, I continue to venture and experiment, fulfilling my dream as a boy to break out of the material and devote myself to the artistic journey. 

Awards and CV 

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

Marc is an award-winning contemporary, mixed media, and fine-art artist with an art studio in Greenwich, CT. He works with clients and interior decorators to create custom wall art and pieces that will complement the space. His commercial clients include Verisign, The Furguson Library, Greenwich Hospital, and Priceline Group. Marc's work is represented in residences and work spaces both internationally and throughout Connecticut and New York. Marc likes to think of his commission process as fun, collaborative, and part of the journey to create something unique. 

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